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Monday, March 2, 2009

2009 USWC Taekwondo Tournament

Wow... another year has gone by and it seems as if it went by way too quickly.

Here are a couple of shots from the US West Coast National Taekwondo tournament from this weekend. It was a little more crowded than last year, but the kids still did an awesome job representing their school.

Grayson only competed in two events this year (form and sparring) and took the silver and the gold respectively in his matches. He is now a red belt and two away from getting his black. It should take him another 18 months or so and he will be a black belt... He is really motivated and wants to have his second degree belt by the time he is fourteen. With his motivation and discipline level I am sure he will achieve it.

Grayson and Micheal hanging out

Grayson and Bree after their forms.
They ended up competing against each other since they are now in the same belt class.

Micheal fueling up on a hot dog...

Here are a couple of videos. They are of Grayson sparring. Round one and round two. He did a good job dodging the kicks of his competitor and won 3-2.


Round 1

Round 2

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KCarey said...

Sounds like you did well Gray.
Sorry I missed out on watching you.

Love you
Uncle Kenny