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Saturday, March 1, 2008

2008 US Open Taekwondo Tournament!

Two Golds and a Silver... Congratulations Grayson for a job well done!

We created a little slide show on photobucket and a couple videos below...

Check out the slideshow here...

here are some more pictures...

What a proud, excited, and tired little boy!

Grayson is red

Grayson is blue

We also added a video of his last round of his third match. He got the Silver medal. He beat two other competitors and then had a third match. He competed against a higher ranking green belt who is on the national team and his coach is the nationals coach. Grayson did a great job keeping up with the kid but since had had an additional match it was showing that he was getting tired. (Grayson is red)

or it can be seen on youtube at this link

Here is a video of his board breaking routine. He got the Gold!

Here is the youtube for board breaking:

Here is a video of Grayson's Form. He won the Gold!

Here is the youtube for Form:

1 comment:

KCarey said...

I am so proud of you. It was so awesome to a part of an exciting day, and to watch you do so well.
Keep it up G!

Love you
Uncle Kenny