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Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

Today we remember the lives of you, the soldier who died to defend our freedom. The young men and women who gave of themselves the ultimate sacrifice of life to see to it that the rest of us can remain secure, protected, and free. Selflessly you spent many an hour battling enemies we will never have to face ourselves in conditions we can't imagine here in our comfortable living spaces we have come to enjoy. You fought for people you've never met and many times for causes you never fully understood.

Today we honor you, the fallen soldier. Your dedication to a cause that ultimately cost you your life. Your sacrifice can not be measured and your bravery can not be duplicated. Thank you for your sacrifice for me. Jesus says the ultimate form of love is to lay one's life down for his friends. The love of humanity, fellow citizen, and country is exemplified in your sacrifice. Today we honor you and say Thank You!

I hope that there is a special place in heaven for the one's who have laid their lives down for our country and our freedom.

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