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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mt Hood Camping / Hiking Pic's 2009

Here are some pictures from our camping trip. More photos from the beautiful Oregon coast coming later...

Whittling for hours...

We started hiking on this trail but decided Mexico was a little far for a day hike so we turned back.

It gets dark at night... Lori and Grayson around the fire.

Say Cheesey!

Tamanawas Falls. I hiked behind and took a couple of pictures from there.


Sun setting. We watched the sunset from Timberline lodge. It was amazing!

Our lead explorer.

The three of us

Setting up our cabin...


Brit said...

Fun! You all look like you had a great time.

Paula said...

I've been to Tamanawas falls many times, once when all the boulders near the falls were covered with ice... it was difficult going. :)

weapherblogs said...

Ice covered rocks... Now that is a challenge.