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Friday, September 11, 2009

A Curious Llama

My train broke this evening and I am on my way to the problem. As I am walking I spied this curious neighbor.

Well, back to work! It is getting dark and I am in big foot country... I hope he is elsewhere :)

Four hours later I got the problem fixed enough to pull the rail car 5 miles to Hood River. Once we arrived there the mechanical forces took over and torch cut some brackets and welded it together... If I had a portable welder I could have done that.

Here is a picture of the sky getting dark... The sun is setting and I don't have any light source so I need to go back to the locomotives and get my supplies. I gets dark at night.

The broken pipe bracket... The thing is supposed to be centered on the bracket but it got wedged to the side. Metal like this doesn't move very easily. Since it was wedged it separated the air lines that connect the train cars air brakes. Once the air goes we can't move... I had to straighten the pipe so I could reconnect the hoses and move the car to a place where mechanical forces could take over and give it a temporary fix.

I definitely earned my money today!

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