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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Lightrail to Seattle

Well, another 14 hour train ride last night to Seattle. Got in a good nap and decided not to waste my life sleeping so I am taking the pretend train (light-rail) to downtown Seattle... enjoy the day!

Went down to the Pike St Market

Seattle in the background

Stopped in for some chowder, halibut, and fries...

Enjoyed my dinner with a new friend... He didn't eat much!

Game day! Love the sign... The guy is wearing a sandwich board that says, "Life's winners trust Jesus."

Well, if I have to be out of town I may as well make the best of it. The great part of today is that they don't have any trains to return me back to Portland so I am going home by van in a few hours... Cheers!

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Kris said...

We took a day trip to Seattle a few weeks ago, we walked along the waterfront and shared french fries from Ivar's with Seagulls. It was a fun day, it looks like you had a nice time too. Too bad your family wasn't there to enjoy it with you.