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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Graduation Boy 2009!

Today was a big day for Austin. His twelve years of homework, tests, and just plain hard work has finally paid off. He graduated with a 3.93 GPA for his last four years of strenuous work.

Pre-graduation Dinner

The Fam... well some of them anyway.

His future college buds... At least that is the plan!

More friends.

Getting ready to party at the Senior all nighter. You can never accuse Austin of not having style... Love the socks!

Now I am really feeling OLD!!!


Brit said...

I had so much fun :)Love the last photo.

Kris said...

Way to go Austin!!!!! That is so awesome!!

Paula said...

Congratulation Austin, you can be proud of yourself for your GPA, that is quite an accomplishment! Love you, Aunt Paula