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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Something New Every Day

Have you ever gone through a day and said to yourself, "I haven't seen anything new today?" Well, I have. I find days where something new comes to my attention numerous times throughout the day and other days when I can go by the entire day and be focused so much on the familiar that I am not able to see anything around me that is new and fresh.

Today I saw something for the first time. I suppose that there are some of you who have seen this and I am sure that most of you have not. I was washing windows this morning and the client had a cat. Two of them actually, but I was only blessed by the presence of one of them. The other is too shy. There was something strangely unique about these two cats. They both have only one eye. What are the odds... Having two cats, each with one eye. The craziest thing is that they happened due to separate occurrences. One was due to illness and the other was due to the cat making a decision to jump off the second floor balcony to the floor below.

The other fun fact about these two piles of fir is that one has a right eye and one has a left. I am told that when they stand next to each other it is a sight to be seen. No pun intended. Anyway... I hope you enjoy the picture from the one eyed cat farm. I am sure it is not something you see every day!

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Brit said...

Those are the cutest cats!! i love the story about how they both only have one eye, haha. So sad. there are a few at the Humane Society with only one eye as well. There was a dog with no eyes, but they sadly had to put him down due to heart problems...:(