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Friday, July 3, 2009

All-stars is over!

After a great season of baseball the PLL 10-11 all-stars is over. We lost the first game Wednesday to a very good Reynolds team. The boys were out-sized, out-coached, and out-played. They put forth a great effort but came up short in the end.

Friday's game was even worse. They went into the game quite confident because the team was of their size and ability, but boy did they have a pitcher. 11 years old throwing some serious junk! Since our boys are used to having little or no movement on the ball they looked they were swatting flies. In the forth they wee able to get some base runners because the opposing team changed pitchers but by this time the score was 19-0. (Let's just say when we stopped hitting the boys kind of got frustrated and had a hard time fielding as well... Not to mention the two bases loaded home runs didn't help)

Great Job Portland Little League boys. Even though you had two tough games you never gave up and you never lost your heads...

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