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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mtn Biking Madness

What an amazing day Grayson and I had on Friday. It started out with us driving up the beautiful Columbia River Gorge on a quest. We were attempting to find ourselves a mountain bike trail to conquer.

I haven't ridden any gorge trails in probably 15 years, so I wasn't certain as to which trails were still open to the knobby tires of maniac mountain biker's. Our first attempt was a bust. I went up an old winding dead end road in the town of Dodson to an old school house that we used to ride from. The school was still there, the parking lot was still there, but it was locked up as tight as Fort Knox. Strike one.

We ventured east for another 5 miles until we got to exit 40. This is the entrance to trail 400. I rode this trail dozens of times and I was certain it would be available to riders... and to our great pleasure, it was. We paid for our parking, got our bikes out and started riding. Much to Grayson's surprise, this was "real mountain biking." He was imagining that we were going on a "bike ride." You know, paved streets, people pushing strollers, and kids on training wheels. Little did he know that this was intense single track, fire roads, and rocks and roots! It was the greatest ride he has ever had he told me later.

One of the lesson's Grayson learned this afternoon was that you have one chance. It was an all or nothing kind of ride. Either you use extreme skill and caution and make good decisions, or you fall off the cliff. He told me later that he was thinking that this was a "no mistakes" kind of ride. "You either do it right or you die" he said. Good observation Grayson.

Here are a few pictures from our amazing day together... Enjoy.

Entrance to Gorge Trail 400

A mile or so into the ride. I propped the camera on my bike seat. Off to the right of the picture is the drop off Grayson was talking about.

Grayson riding across a creek on an old rickety bridge with no railings... Brave boy! I walked my bike.

The power line easement.

Let's just say it was a little bit HOT!

We made it back!

One pleased dad... I didn't fall down the cliff.

Colder than he anticipated.

But quite refreshing. We took a dip in the creek before we left.


Now he is feeling just a bit cocky. He should. He just rode a ride that would make most grown men cry like little babies :)

Our beautiful and serene setting that finished out the day.

And let us not forget about reality. Just as we were about to take our dip in the creak the killjoy Union Pacific Railroad called me to work to go out of town for the weekend. I get a two hour call and since we were 40 miles away from home and not even close to being done... I ended up being 45 minutes late to work. (first time in five years)


Brit said...

Looks like you had a really good time! Hope you had fun, love you.

weapherblogs said...

It was a blast...

mesothelioma said...

the water looks so cold and refreshing...its nice to have an adventure in the forest...hope u had fun

Kris said...

What a fun time! Were you sore in the morning? (I hope your supervisor was understanding!)
Way to go Grayson!

weapherblogs said...

Thanks. It is so amazing living in the Columbia River Gorge area. Sometimes we just take the outdoors around here for granted.


weapherblogs said...


Yes my legs were a bit sore. I was on my feet until 8:30 the next morning. Made for a long night.

Grayson had Taekwondo afterward and was really tired. He got worn out for sure...