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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Big Gap

Ok, so I went an entire week without posting. I think this has been the biggest gap in posting in the history of my blog. I am not sure what the delay is about, but here are several reasons I can come up with... excuses really:

  • Too Busy
  • Too Tired
  • Lost My Creative Juices
  • It has been raining and cold so what's the point
  • Didn't really care
  • Nothing to take a picture of

and on and on...

So here is my picture today in keeping with the theme of the post.


Manny said...


Kris said...

That's funny! I have a had a time like that lately with my journalling. I really need to just sit down and do it.... I like catching up on your life by your blog, so don't stop!
Love You,