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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

In Memory Of...

Have you ever driven by a roadside memorial and thought to yourself, "I wonder what happened?"

As I ran past this mini-memorial today that thought went through my mind. "What happened?"

Having a close friend die over the holidays has made me realize more deeply that every life represents a story. Some stories are of good times and a life well lived while others are filled with pain and struggles.

The more I reflect on my life the question arises, "what stories will I leave behind?"  Stories of hope and a life well spent or a story of pain and misery?

Those are my thoughts today. What kind of story are you writing?


gkbolivia said...

Great thoughts!

Manny said...

I always wonder about those memorials. I walked by Greg's on Hawthorne today (that little boutique shop on 37th) and they had a sign on the door saying the owner had suddenly died. The store is now closed until further notice and there was a growing memorial outside. Very sad.

What friend of yours died this holiday? Sorry to hear that. :(

weapherblogs said...

Gil Woo.