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Friday, April 2, 2010

Contemplative Thought

Taking a moment to think... sometimes I think that thinking is good for the soul. Do you ever just sit and wonder about stuff? You know... things like:
  • "Why do banks charge so much for an NSF fee... Don't they realize you don't have the money in the first place?"
  • "Why do people blow their nose and always end up looking at it?" That's just gross to me.
  • "Why do people drive 5 miles out of their way to save 3 cents a gallon for gas and then only buy $10 worth?"
  • Why do we bury people in suits, do they want to look good for Jesus when they get there?"
  • Why does it take just a second to kill a brain cell but years to lose fat cells?"
  • And last but not least... "Why are books to improve your life called 'self help' books... If it were really self help then we wouldn't need the book would we?"

Just some thoughts I have today... Do you have any you would like to share?



Manny said...

I have always thought about the bank charging for overdraft fees. The people who overdraft are the last people who need a fee :(

Also, a friend of mine has had a really sick daughter lately which has kept her daughter out of school for a while. The school called and said her daughter was missing too much school and she was going to be punished if she didn't return. She sent her to school and the school called saying she cannot come to school with a fever and sent her home. What do you do?!

weapherblogs said...

That's quite funny. How do you punish a kid for being sick?

Have a great day.

Manny said...

I thought of another one while walking past a pub today. Why is "Happy Hour" actually longer than just an hour? It's often 3 hours.