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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

For Sale Slightly Used

For Sale:

One hardly used G1 phone:
Good Condition - slightly thinner
Used to work awesome

Now the real story:

I was at work yesterday and I loaded all of my gear into the crew van to take us out to the train. After unloading and getting settled in I reached for my phone and discovered it had come up missing... OK, time to freak out. This thing carry's my life inside of it. All my railroad rules, my email and contact information, pictures, games, apps... ahhh! My phone is missing!

So I called the yard master on the radio to inform him that I needed to go back to the boardroom because I forgot something. The van shows up again and drives me back. As we approach the boardroom I find my phone on the ground, smashed! It had been run over by another car and now my electronic communication world just came to a screeching halt. So here it is. My brand new htc G1 complete with Google android operating system crushed. This is a great little phone, or at least was.

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