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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Black Belt Testing Day Two!

Today was day two of Grayson's black belt testing. He had to do his fitness, terminology, self defense and read from his writing he was required to do about what Taekwondo means to him. He also had to run two miles yesterday after his two hour test... The kid is in shape that's for sure!

It was a grueling process for him and the other three boys, but they stuck it out and made it through the testing process.

Robert was back and was able to complete the test as well... They find out in about a week if they passed. (Between you and me... I am pretty sure he was able to fulfill the requirements, but we will find out next week for sure)

Great Job Grayson, Micheal, Bailey, and Robert. You guys have spent several years committing to something that most of us just dream of doing... Congratulations for getting this far!

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Kris said...

Great job Grayson, we are proud of you and all your hard work you have put into getting this far. You should be proud of yourself!
Let us know when you hear if he passed, what a great accomplishment!