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Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Year! A New Start...

Well, I didn't start out 2012 as I had anticipated. Often I think one thing will occur in life and another comes to pass. Oh, well... I am not going to complain. I had hoped to start this year off with a theme. However, due to other things taking place in our life today I was unable to take a shot related to the theme.

Today was Testimony Sunday at church. What a wonderful way for us to start the New Year. Several people were able to share with the body what the Lord has done and continues to do in their lives. Austin was one of those chosen to share.

Today's pictures are of Austin and Pastor Doug Snow... He has been a huge influence in Austin's life and I thought starting out 2012 with this shot would be an excellent way to bring in the new year.

Austin leaves tomorrow for Missionary Training at Potter's Field Ministries and will be heading over seas in a couple of months. God has done an amazing work in his life and we are so blessed  to be a part of it...

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