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Friday, June 6, 2008

Off the tracks

I got my call to work at 1145 for a work train. Not a bad call since it will keep me in town and allow me to sleep in my own bed another day. When I arrived at the boardroom I found out there was a train on the ground and we needed to help re-rail it. Ooops!


Kris said...

What, everyone grabs a side and on the count of 3 everyone lifts it back onto the tracks??? LOL

Brit said...

How does that happen?!

weapherblogs said...

Kris, very funny... It is rather impressive to watch actually. In about 2 hours of the derailment there were two cranes, lighting, and our crew to operate another locomotive to pull on the one on the ground. The entire event was cleaned up and repaired in about 5 hours.

Brit, the train was supposed to go to the right on the tracks (see bottom picture) but the wheels "picked" the switch. Which means that the front wheels on the locomotive went left and right at the same time which ultimately caused it to go between the two tracks. With the speed of the train and the weight it takes a few seconds to stop so it was basically pushed into the gravel. It happens quite a bit on this sharp curve. This is right at the Steele Bridge on the east side.