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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Very Strange Actually

I have lost all of my creative juices today. Sometimes trying to come up with a picture of the day seems a bit daunting, but in the end it usually comes about. I was trying to figure out what to shoot with my handy dandy Samsung Beat camera phone this afternoon and nothing was striking my interest. So, I decided to quit trying and just shoot a picture of my face. When in doubt use yourself as the subject matter is my motto.

It turned out a bit interesting and strange looking actually. The lighting to the side, the intense closeup, the magnificent color... maybe I haven't completely lost it. Not to mention the subject of the photo. Geez, I think I need to keep on shooting pictures after all.

Have a great day!

(This picture today is the byproduct of a guy with far too little sleep who is sitting in a hotel room completely bored out of his feaking mind...weaphermobile takes no credit or responsibility for it. I already ate, ran 4 miles, set up my fantasy baseball schedule for next week, balanced my check book, solved the oil crisis, created a formula for perpetual motion, and read a book. I hate television so that isn't an option... Now what? )


Brit said...

This isn't my dad! It's freaky.

PDXGramma said...

Eerie! I don't like it.

KCarey said...

I saw this same picture in the Post Office. It was a warning to the community. :)