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Monday, July 28, 2008

It's Time For A Change

Well, the time has come in my life to begin down a new path and really start to follow my hopes and dreams. As most of the readers of this blog know I have been working for the railroad for the past 4 1/2 years and my quality of life has been, let's just say, a little rough. My average hours working per week exceeds 60, I am up for 24+ continuous hours at least twice per week, and I can not plan anything because I am on call 24/7. Not only is my quality of life in the toilet, I also feel like sitting on a train for 12 - 15 hours at a time is completely wasting my potential. It is time for a change.

I am now an independent representative for Primerica Financial Services. It is a subsidiary company of CITICorp. the largest financial services company in the world. I am currently in the process of getting my Oregon Insurance license and will be able to offer financial services to consumers which include life, auto, and homeowners insurance. I will also offer many home loan products to help families refinance, get out of debt, or just consolidate their existing loans. I am especially looking forward to helping people get rid of their Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARM) and other bad loans. I will also be receiving my securities license in the next 6 - 8 months so I will be able to help people with their IRA's, mutual funds, securities, retirement planning etc...

I am very excited about building my new business opportunity with the goal of being a full time finacial services rep within the next two years.

Please keep me in mind for all of your financial needs. Even if you don't have any need for my services at this time, I am sure you have friends or family members who do. I am beginning my business by referrals and any help I can get would be awesome. Thanks for reading my blog and following the happenings of my family and my life. I have had almost 4000 hits in the past 5 months so I know some one is checking this thing out...

Thanks again,

ps... I started a Primerica Financial Services blog. It is located a

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Brit said...

Hmmm, keep you in mind for my Finacial Service needs...Can I have 20 bucks?

Hehehe, I'm just kiding. I am glad to hear the you are doing something you want to do. A job is something you want to look forward to. And it will be nice to know where you are when I want to call or see you.

It was really cool to say that my dad drove trains though, :)