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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Preparing for the future...

All of the family spent some time today working out in the side yard with the goal of preparing it for a new pool. Not a big one, but big enough to get wet this summer. We decided not to spend money on a vacation and put those resources into the home.

I have included two pictures today. One of the before the pool and one of the yard with the new pool... Come on over... the water is fine!

Before the pool

With the new pool


PDXGramma said...

It's a little too cool today, but I will be there tomorrow. Hope that vast amount of water can warm quickly.

KCarey said...

Hey Bro,

Looks like we will have to start having the family get togethers at your place. How will this work? Will you be installing a number machine ( like DMV and the Post Office) at the entrance to the pool area? Once our number is called it is our turn. One other idea would be to put a timer near by so we may know when our turn is over and the next person can "dive" in.

I bet if you keep filling the pool with water it might grow (like your garden area) into a full size pool.
Just a thought.

Is there a designated adult swim only? :)

Ed Carey said...

Looking forward to seeing where the deck and B.B.Q will be setting.
I do not see a lifegard station.

Brit said...