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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Joy of Getting Old

Some people may laugh, others cry, and some just try to live as if it doesn't exist. Age! No matter how quickly we try to run from it we can never elude it. I umpired a baseball game on Saturday, practiced with a couple of kids on Sunday with the farm baseball team, and then worked Sunday night and Monday.

When I got home and stepped up my front stair my back decided it was time for me to stop walking for a little while. I could hardly walk, so today I visited my friendly Chiropractor. He heat treated by back and cracked me back into position. Probably some kind of muscle strain.

I was never a big fan of Chiropractics until one day I picked up a napkin and tweaked my back so bad I could hardly move. After a couple of adjustments I was better.

Since my appointment this afternoon I feel back to about 60%... sure beats not being able to put on my own socks...


Ed Carey said...

Life is good and the older you get the better it is, with some help from the DRs.

Kris said...

Getting older is such a bummer!! I weeded in our yard yesterday and I feel like I ran a marathon. Since I can't kneel, I bent at the waist, now my hamstrings hurt. Go figure!!
I hope you back feels better quickly!
Love Ya!

Brit said...

is it bad that I feel like this and I'm only 19?

KCarey said...

Miracles on my back have been performed in that same room. Bruce does wonders! The heat does wonders!