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Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Season Has Begun

The season started early this year because we are playing other teams from around the city and they begin there season the first week of April. Kind of unusual for our league and a bit hectic trying to get it all organized. I have been recruiting umpires for the past week and didn't even have the final schedule until Friday the 3rd... Hard to get an ump when you don't even know when the games are going to be.

Well, anyway... Saturday was a beautiful day for a baseball game and here are a couple of pictures of Grayson. He k'd his first at bat, singled his second and walked his third. He had three stolen bases and he scored both times he was on base. And to top the game off, he was brought in from SS to relief pitch in the bottom of the last inning with bases loaded, one out, and the game up by two. Unfortunately he pitched strikes and they got hit to the outfielders who where playing just a bit too deep... We lost 7-6.

Pretty good opener for a young first year major if you ask me... But I might be a bit bias.

Pretty good shot of the ump too...well, half the ump anyway!


Ed Carey said...

Great job Gray

Brit said...

Hey let me know when a game for Gray is coming up. If they are on Saturdays that's even better. I'd love to go :)

Brit said...

Oh is that you in the blue shirt in the second photo?

weapherblogs said...

OK... The schedule has just been final this week so I will let you know.

Yes that is me... I was the base ump.

Kris said...

Way to go Grayson!!! Have a great season!! Wish we could come watch a game. (Maybe if we are down this summer!!)
Love Ya!