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Monday, March 31, 2008


The life of a stuffed bear... I was sitting down in the living room this afternoon getting ready for work and I spied this guy looking at me. I have been in the room hundreds of times for years and never really noticed this bear just sitting around observing the scene. Imagine all he has seen. The birthday parties, family discussions, arguments, movies... heck, he has even seen Santa Claus and the Easter bunny.

It really made me think about what I do in my home and how I relate to my family...The kind of husband and father that I am. If this bear could talk he would have quite the stories I am sure. Some good ones and some not so good ones. It also made me think about our Lord and that He looks at all I do each day and quietly observes me and my walk. Imagine the stories He could tell....

Today I was reminded that I am a child of God and He is interested in the things I do. And thankfully He is like this little bear... He keeps it between me and Him.

Just a thought


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