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Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Easter Bunny Cometh

Grayson and I walked Samson around Mt Tabor this afternoon and up at the top there were Easter eggs all over the place. Probably a thousand of them. It was quite fun to look at. We even saw the bunnies "hiding" them. Samson had fun too... he probably smelled every dog in the entire park. I am certainly glad that we don't meet people that way :)

I would have to say that taking a few days off and spending it enjoying life sure makes a big difference in one's outlook on things. I did spend 7 hours washing windows on Friday, but that didn't really seem like work since I was in town and got to make dinner and watch a movie rather than be alone in a hotel room. These past couple of days I have really enjoyed hanging out and I look forward to spending Easter with the family and going to Spring Mountain Bible Church.

Happy Easter to all!


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Stephanie Ann said...

and...another reason why it would be better to be a cat....they don't sniff butts...