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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hope this is the right way...

Went to Centralia on a garbage train today and went for a nice long run after work since we only had to work 9 hours... Kinda like working part time really.

This is ridge trail at Seminary Hill Park east of downtown Centralia. Let's just say I got a bit muddy... It was fun though :) and I didn't get lost.


KCarey said...

Hey Bro,
How was your PT day? WOW, only 9 hours, you slacker.

Love you bro

Michael Carey said...

Hey, Next time you're in Centralia for an extended amount of time, let me know. We'll go to The Olympia Club down there and grab a burger. It's a McMinniman's pub. Has good pool tables, and I'm sure they have a good selection of, um...Fountain drinks. hahaha. Talk to you soon