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Saturday, May 31, 2008

2008 Rose Festival Pictures and Video

Here are a few more shots from the fireworks celebration last night. Lori, Grayson, Ken and I went to Dairy Queen for blizzards and then got to the event about an hour early. We found a good seat and then I called Brittany and Brandon and they walked down and joined us for a little while. The people-watching was almost as entertaining as the fireworks display.

The video is of the last few minutes and the finale.


This picture is a test shot. I set the camera for slower night setting and when I took a shot the vendor was swinging his green sword. I thought it was interesting.


Misc city shots


Ed Carey said...

Thanks for sharing. It is almost like being there, except less crowded.

Kris said...

When is/was the coronation? Who won? Don't they usually do it at the start of Rose Festival?? I wish we could be down there.(Although we are having lots of rain so it feels like Rose Festival time here!!!)
Love Ya, K