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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Our Clematis Bloometh

I have been waiting for months for this event to happen and here it is. Here is the story. Lori received two Clematis for mothers day last year and we planted them. One died and the other did so-so. This is the so-so one...(obviously it isn't the dead one)

All winter and spring I have been going outside and guiding its little vines up and around the trellis I made for it. The vines have been clinging and wrapping and doing a great job making their way to the top. And now the reward for all of the hard work.

This first picture is from my phone.

The rest are from my home camera...

Here are some pictures of Grayson tending to his garden yesterday. He is planting more flowers to help bring color to the space and hopefully attract bees and keep slugs away... Grayson really enjoys the garden and is an awesome contributor to its care.

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Brit said...

Clamatis are really cool. A dark purple one would be pretty in there too. Look how cute Grayson is tending to the garden!