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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Just some mint today...

Nothing really exciting going on today. I had my rules exam and got 20/20 on the air brake exam and 97/100 on the general operating rules. I just got done cleaning the garage, Austin is washing his car, Grayson is at a friends, and I am completely bored. Sure there are all kinds of projects to do but since I am in the middle of cooking dinner, I just decided to put the projects back on the "To Be Done Later" list. And, now that Lori has a new job she is no longer at my beck and call during the day which means I actually have to figure out things by myself. It is nice she got the job and all, but I sure do miss her when I am home during the day from work.

So here is my picture for the day. Mint... Nothing special, I walked by it and thought it would make for an interesting image. Back to making spaghetti, bread, and asparagus.


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