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Monday, May 12, 2008

Home from home

Until one lives out of a suitcase it is difficult to understand the mobile lifestyle. This is my lair from home. Sure it is equipped with all of the amenities that I need to survive for the short amount of time I am here, but it certainly isn't home. Today I went to the grocery store, went on a 5 mile run past Autzen Stadium, and slept for awhile. Stuff to kill the time, but it certainly isn't home.

Here are some of the things I miss when I am not at home.

  • Sleeping in my own bed next to my beautiful wife.
  • Kids running around.
  • Austin coming upstairs at precisely 10:02 pm to make tomorrows lunch.
  • Grayson singing all hours of the day.
  • Puttering in the yard.
  • Cleaning the garage... I actually like doing that.
  • My xm radio set up playing MLB games.
  • The garden.
  • Being able to look through all of my clothes to decide what to wear, not just what I brought.
  • Cooking a meal.
  • The barking dogs (not!)
  • Me and Orange (the cat) fist fighting.
  • Hanging out and having dinner at the table.
  • Conversation.
  • Little League baseball games.
  • Familiar surroundings.
  • etc...
The list could go on and on. Living about 40% of my life in a hotel room helps me to appreciate the little things in life that happen on a daily basis that I miss when I am out of town. Remember to cherish the people in your life today that you kind of take for granted. Is there someone you need to call or just walk up to and hug and tell them you appreciate them? If so, then just do it.

Have a great day!




Brit said...

I sure love and appreciate you!

weapherblogs said...

Thanks :)