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Friday, August 1, 2008

Now I have seen it all!

Time for a rant. Grayson was out this afternoon checking on the status of the garden and wanted to pick a couple more zucchini. He quickly discovered that someone came into the yard last night and whacked away the main vines which held at least a dozen zucchini. Some were ready to eat while others were just a few inches in length.

What the heck is wrong with people. I am so frustrated with our community we live in some times I could just freak out. I can't imagine that whoever stole our veggies was intending on eating them. Besides the issue with the zuke's, I just fished some Burger King bags out of the pool, complete with open ketchup wrappers and french fries. Who knows who bathes in it when we aren't home...

I guess my next home project is an 8 foot wall around the house. That ought to give it curb appeal.


G - dawg said...


Kris said...

That is so disgusting!!! Ahhhh city life, huh? I hope that whoever did that choked on the zucchini!!! (if they actually ate it)

PDXGramma said...

Vandalism is the most senseless crime. What a stupid, stupid thing to do to anyone. GRRRRRR!