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Thursday, August 28, 2008

My Father's House Completed!

Today turned out to be the day for us to wash the third floor windows of My Father's House in Gresham, OR. It was actually quite fun. Some times in life are great for teachable moments and today was one of those for me and 2 of my kids. Grayson and Austin helped me and it made a large job seem simple. When they calculated the amount of money it would have cost this ministry to have these done, and they understood from the beginning that we were doing them for free, they were very willing to help out.

Both boys worked very hard, learned how to work together, and we all got it accomplished in record time. Last night we prayed that the job would go smooth since I had very limited time and would be back on the railroad this evening.

I figured out that if we were able to achieve 2 minutes per window, which included scraping off paint and drywall mud, we would be there about 4 hours and 8 minutes. Now to achieve 2 minutes per window to wash the inside, outside, scrape, and clean the tracks and frames is asking a lot from this rookie crew. But we did it. It actually took us just under 4 hours. I contribute that to my awesome helpers and God allowing all things to go perfect!

They are still in need of volunteers to do various tasks. Call them if you have some free time over the next couple of weeks.

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