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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Summer Camp 2008

Well, the week for summer camp has arrived. There are mixed emotions when you send a kid to summer camp. The excitement you feel for your son or daughter as they venture off for a week without parents, and the strange feeling of loss that you experience knowing that your kid is being cared for by complete strangers...

Today we sent Grayson off to summer camp, and I know from his excitement that he is going to have an incredible week. He was able to hook up with some of his Sunday School classmates and to his surprise, there were some little league kids there as well. It is going to be a week of swimming, air soft pistols, singing, hiking, obstacle courses, rock wall climbing, fun, and sun. All with the focus of teaching them more about our Lord! What more could you ask for in a week of adventure?

Have A Great Week!

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Ed Carey said...

Come on Mom and Dad it is only a week and that will go by rather fast.