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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Maybe Not!

I am in a hotel this morning again and I will not be going out until this afternoon on a garbage train. I just went down to the fitness center and worked out for an hour. I rode the bike, worked on my chest, abs, arms and shoulders. I wish the results could happen overnight, but as with all things in life... discipline, discipline, discipline! Now I am studying for the life insurance exam I am taking near the end of the month. Lots of new information for this old brain to absorb.

I am taking a quick break from studying and I enjoy looking through photos on my computer of my family when I am out of town. I came across this one from Grayson's track camp a couple of weeks ago that I thought I would share. I decided that maybe the high jump isn't for me.

The height of the bar was 6'-10" and I almost made it over...NOT! It was 3'-10" and I slaughtered it. What do you expect, I was in sandals with socks. Anyway... hope you get a good laugh. One last thing... Grayson did make this jump, he scissored over the bar. (Show Off)

Enjoy this awesome day!


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