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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bubba's Last Year

Here is the story. "Bubba" the gym teacher has a lot of history with me and Grayson and the rest of the family as well. This is Pat's last year of teaching and he is looking forward to his retirement and his ability to have more time for him and his family.

Pat Hergert was my freshman health teacher in high school and he is the uncle to a gal who hung out with my older siblings... you know who you are. He also went to the same church as I did several years back so we have been able to stay in touch for many years. It will be hard to see him leave the school because I look forward to chatting with him every time I am there.

Bubba has been a great P.E. Teacher for Grayson and has inspired him greatly to stay active and run, run, run. He says that he is going to substitute teach next year a little bit so he can continue his interaction with the kids... let's hope he can do that. If any of you want to surprise him with an email his contact info is at this link. Click Here

Good luck in your retirement Bubba!

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KCarey said...

And mom and dad went to high school with Pat's brother, Mickey.