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Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Prom 2008

Austin and his friends have the prom tonight. Oh-Boy, they are all growing up. Lori and Austin spent a lot of time this week getting everything just right. Clean the suit, get the shoes rented, and pick out the flowers. The corsage was purchased from Kern Park Florist, a place my dad has bought flowers from since I was a small kid. The owner pulled out different ribbons for Austin and Lori to choose from to custom make the corsage. The one he chose is from a spool he had laying around that he claims is from 1945. Kind of an interesting tid-bit.

Here are some pictures to enjoy...

Austin and his lovely lady Sammi

The entire clan...

1 comment:

Ed Carey said...

We sure have a good looking grandson.

Looks like a full limo.

Grandpa Carey